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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to add modules and personalize the software based on our own needs?

S.I.T.E.S.® was created to address all of the needs and problems that arise in the management of a base camp. Our primary goal is to provide you with solutions that are in line with what you need and how you evolve as a company. We want to avoid encumbering you with any unnecessary data. This is why you have complete control over which modules you want included and how they are designed. Do you dream of a functionality that doesn’t yet exist? We are here for you and we will develop the exact solution to your specific needs.

Do you provide any help after the installation for future maintenance needs of S.I.T.E.S.®?

At OVS, we provide you with a simple and intuitive system but we also provide any assistance that you may need, now or in the future. We support you through the whole process right from the delivery of our product. We help you in the installation, the start-up, setting the parameters, any interventions you might need… Wherever you may find yourself on the globe, we will stay in contact with you by means of either VPN, remote assistance or on site.

We wish to change our management software system to your S.I.T.E.S.® system, is it adaptable?

Before the installation, our team will study your situation to establish a custom made software system developed to your needs, allowing for a quick and easy transition. This audit service is meant to keep in mind all of the specific constraints of your existing software to ensure a smooth transition towards the new system. In a large majority of cases, it is possible to retrieve all of your existing data. You gain in efficiency without being disoriented.

Is S.I.T.E.S.® secure and trustworthy?

The management of a base camp requires special treatment of sensitive and confidential data. We would not propose a system without placing the utmost importance on security. S.I.T.E.S.® worked with the XLIM laboratory to use the latest of pre-approved database formats and ensure the highest security. Be assured that the information within your modules will remain completely confidential.

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